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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Blog Post : TWO

My family and I have recently moved house forcing me to organize all my art supplies – going through some old paper I found 100s of pieces of coloured card with only one side used so I decided to keep them for sketches.

My first masked lady was sketched on a nice pink piece of card as you can see pictured. I combined the way I usually draw my characters with my new style of adding a nanny pat’s puss-in-boots style mask. I plan to create many more characters with variations of this mask – taking inspiration from animals, traditional masks, high-fashion eyewear designs and even cartoons!

I want my new style to evolve into a kind of comic strip so therefore, I have been trying to think of a name for her. The whole ethos of my comic strip is about feisty female empowerment as well as celebrating a time in life where perhaps you are uncertain about the future. Whether you have just left university, in-between jobs or that your personality is just a bit all over the place!

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