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BLOG POST 3 : Feeling #blessed to see the progression of my new/improved illustration style - here are a few of my most recent illustrations.

Ive always worried that my work didn't have strong theme throughout and I often changed up my style to suit the person I was creating it for. I noticed this one day whilst looking through my instagram, and I couldn't understand what I was trying to tell the world. Time went by and i never did anything about it. UNTIL NOW! (coronavirus sliver linings hey?)

With each Illustration I do, I focus on a few things to keep me in check. Colour scheme, thickness in pen on procreate and the body language within my characters. I find it very easy to go off brand and experiment so having these three little rules keeps me aware of the bigger picture!

I am very prone to distraction and feel its only natural to want to experiment with other styles so here are few sketches and illustrations that didn't quite make the cut.

(but still need their moment to shine!)

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