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Updated: Apr 16, 2020


Welcome to my first ever blog post - hope its everything you thought it would be.

A couple weeks ago when the UK was in the ‘denial stage’ of the corona virus, boredom had me looking through a big ol’ bunch old photos searching for a moment of artistic inspiration. I really wanted to have a few relaxing hours of drawing to get my creative juices flowing.

I came across this photo of my Nanny (Pat) who used to be a fun yet quite assertive primary school teacher back in the day. She loved to dance, teach and be in charge of naughty little children. And of course she loved a bit of arts and crafts as I believe this is a picture of her dressed in a home-made Puss-in-boots costume (above). I sketched a few ideas from some other old photos – but found this photo especially resonated in my mind.

A few weeks went by and I began to get busy with work and other things – life took over and I quickly found that I was telling myself that I would get round to doing to some more art at some point.

SUDDENLY the UK was in lockdown – cue the “where’s my life going” crisis. DON’T GO OUT, STAY AT HOME ,DON’T SEE YOUR FRIENDS. A prompt Daniel Alderton Pep talk stopped me complaining and began to make me see the brighter side of being stuck inside for the foreseeable future! So without further ado …


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